I wish to talk about time analysis
There is price analysis and somehow I have a feeling that new traders have more focus on price then on a time

We can split time analysis  on high volatility and low volatility.

On intra-day basis we can find:
High volatility time (session opening, relevant news publishing, large speculative and hedge companies working hours and their mistakes(FAT finger of Wall street), session closing).

Low volatility  time(when session are over and there are no relevant news on schedule,holiday's).

High volatility time is most suitable for intra-day up or down trend to show up!

Low volatility time is most suitable for intra-day side-way trend to show up!

There are cycle's! Lot's of peoples told me that price does not have cycle's. 
I don't agree with them!

Trader's make a decision's: Buy or Sell. Trader's are humans and humans live in the cycle's! 
They are waking up at a certain time and go to work. They have lunch break at certain time every day. They have children and they have to pick them from kinder garden at certain time. At certain time of day they have working hour over. Then coming home, have time for themselves....  Their every working week has a weekend off, every working year has a planed vacation! 

Which trader are you when it's about time analysis ?